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Trading Options in IRA

PTI’s IRA Trust Documents with RBC specifically allows the use of near term options. This trust allows for the purchase of Option Contracts (any time frame), debit and credit spreads (any time frame), and covered Put writing. Basically, this allows you to trade any option strategy that has a defined amount of risk, provided of course that the maximum risk of the position is covered by cash in the account. This amendment also allows for a significantly greater amount of flexibility in both strategies that can be used and the time frame selected for each strategy. The strategy and time frame flexibility will be significant advantages in an uncertain market. Looking to trade options in your IRA? PTI accepts nearly all Index and Stock Option trades, including:

  • LEAPS Buy Call
  • LEAPS Buy Put
  • LEAPS Bull Call Spread
  • LEAPS Bear Call Spread
  • LEAPS Bull Put Spread
  • LEAPS Bear Put Spread
  • Purchase LEAPs Call / Sell Near Term Call
  • Purchase LEAPS Put / Sell Near Term Put
  • Sell Cash Secured LEAP Put
  • LEAP Covered Combinations
  • LEAP Collars
  • Buy Call Options
  • Buy Put Options
  • Buy Bull Call Spreads
  • Sell Bear Call Spreads
  • Buy Bear Put Spreads
  • Sell Bull Put Spreads
  • Buy Call Calendar Spreads
  • Buy Put Diagonal Spreads
  • Sell Cash Secured Put
  • Covered Combinations
  • Collars

Short Equity Puts (100% cash secured)

SEP IRAS, 401 Rollovers, Roth IRAs accepted

Money Purchase and defined benefit plans accepted

$10,000 Minimum