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Our experts provide counsel and place trades with the goal of maximizing returns

About Us

Since its beginnings in 1991, PTI has grown its client base through the dedication of its brokers, all of whom have been with PTI long-term and who are former floor traders with years of investment experience.

We set ourselves apart through our true emphasis on customer service. Our staff of courteous, experienced brokers are immediately available to take your call, provide counsel and place your trade. PTI brokers utilize options and other relevant financial instruments in tandem with underlying securities, with the target goal of maximizing returns.

We are dedicated to establishing long term relationships with all of our clients. PTI is headquartered in the Chicago Loop’s prestigious financial district with a branch office in Glendale, Arizona.

Arizona Office

In addition to PTI Securities & Futures Chicago Headquarters, PTI Securities – Arizona Branch is located in Glendale, Arizona and specializes in exchange traded dividend-paying securities that include common stocks, preferred stocks, ETF’s, and royalty trusts. The portfolios are internally built and personally customized according to the individual’s objectives and risk tolerance. Additionally, we offer all the major equity options strategies and a staff with vast experience and understanding of these markets. We are able to provide a balanced asset allocation for our clients with the added benefit of using predominately dividend-paying securities. Also, we work with clients to assist in developing and implementing hedging strategies to lower the risk of concentrated stock positions. We also promote and use a wide variety of protective strategies which include alerts, stops, and long puts.