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Broker Assisted Trading

PTI Securities & Futures LP was established by knowledgeable professionals in the financial risk management arena. Our Account Managers have an average of 10 years experience making markets and trading securities on the floor of major exchanges. Moreover, each PTI Representative on the trading desk is a Registered Options Principal. The firm’s research capabilities access the most current recommendations from most major brokerage firms. Thorough analysis of theoretically every position can be performed on a timely basis using the latest pricing and modeling software. Accordingly, the advanced hedging strategies available can be designed for virtually any market environment. Our firm heavily factors the client’s risk parameters and expectations for underlying securities.

PTI clients approach the markets with the knowledge, attitudes, and expectations of a professional trader. PTI also helps serious investors understand the strategies that professionals employ. For these investors, the greatest challenge is finding a broker who understands what they’re trying to do – and knows how to make it happen. Clients of PTI want a broker who:

Understands the most sophisticated investment strategies;
Provides tactical advice on how to implement those strategies;
Treats them like professionals;
Delivers professional execution capabilities and trading floor access; and
Offers transaction rates that won’t offset smart trades