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Online Trading

Unlike many other large online competitors, PTI Securities prides itself on the expertise of its staff – a group of knowledgeable ex-floor traders with an average of 10 years experience in the exchange pits. If a client is unsure about positions or has a question about their account, they can call PTI from an hour before the market opens to an hour after the market closes and an actual expert risk strategist — not an automated telephone system — will answer by the third ring to provide the client with the one-on-one customer service support they seek and deserve.

Trade independently online with ease and receive e-mail confirmations of all your online trades. All of the customized features are available at a few clicks of a mouse. Getting set up online is easy for PTI clients. There is no software to download and no inactivity fees. Clients simply visit PTI’s home page and click on “Client Log In” for set up prompts.

Online trades result in competitive rates than broker-assisted trades, yet if the online trader needs help or has a question about their online activity, they can call any of our knowledgeable brokers toll free at 800.821.4968 from an hour before the market opens to an hour after the market closes each day (CT).

Traders who do not require broker assistance are directed to PTI ProDirect.