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Minimizing Risk Since 1991

Since its beginnings in 1991, PTI has grown its client base through the dedication of its brokers, all of whom have been with PTI long-term and who are former floor traders with 20+ years of investment experience. We set ourselves apart through our true emphasis on customer service. Our staff of courteous, experienced brokers are immediately available to take your call, provide counsel and place your trade. PTI brokers utilize options and other relevant financial instruments in tandem with underlying securities, with the target goal of maximizing returns.


Managed Low Risk Investments for Risk Adverse Investors

PTI has developed and implemented an investment approach that includes having a core position in a low risk investment that always has a level of downside price protection. This investment strategy has proven to be much less volatile than the overall market and therefore more suitable for risk adverse investors. These positions could include investments in diversified Exchange Traded Funds, baskets of diversified high dividend stocks or individual stocks that represent a high concentration of an investor’s portfolio. The goal is to provide portfolio protection of an absolute dollar amount of risk through price protection and to offset most or all of the cost of that protection through short term premium selling. Click here to read more about our managed low risk investment program.

PTI has white labeled the Interactive Brokers Traders Workstation, which we believe is one of the most versatile and flexible platforms available for our active traders. In addition to this platform, we provide access to our trading desk for assistance with strategy, risk reward and assistance under special market situations. This is an especially effective combination if clients have both their longer term investments and shorter term trading with PTI as we can assist in the effectiveness of positions meant to provide portfolio protection or complement existing portfolios with yield enhancement. Click here to read more about our PTIProDirect service for independent traders.

Premium Equity and Option Trading Desk

Our option trading desk is available for clients who are more comfortable with investing with the assistance of an experienced option professional. Our option professionals assist clients by selecting the options strategy that best fits their low risk investment profile, monitoring trades until completion, and managing trades in their absence. Click here to read more about our broker assisted trading program.

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